Day: May 21, 2020

Episode 2: Chef Tom Colicchio

As the coronavirus shatters and shudders restaurants around the world, legendary Chef and Top Chef Host, Tom Colicchio joins Paul Rieckhoff to quickly break down how bad it really is for the food business. He’s had to close his world-famous restaurants, lay-off hundreds of staff, and reorganize this entire business. But he’s adapting, challenging President Trump and spearheading a new movement of […]

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Episode 1: Navy SEAL Commander Chris Fussell

Our first ever Dispatches checks-in with Chris Fussell–former U.S. Navy SEAL, best-selling author and the president of McChrystal Group. Chris is the co-author of Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World. He joined us for a longer conversation in Episode 50 of Angry Americans–one of our most compelling episodes yet. One […]

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